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Opinions and Argumentation - 4


Welcome to this online study, organised by the University of Fribourg, Switzerland.


In this study, you will be asked to give your opinion about various issues, to assess small argumentative dialogues, and to answer reasoning questions.


There are no right or wrong answers, and we are only interested in your opinion. The survey should take about 20 minutes to complete.

Before you start the study, you will be asked to agree to a consent form (see below).



There are 49 questions in this survey.


What are we asking you to do?

If you decide to participate in our study, you will answer some short personal questions (i.e., age, gender and Prolific ID) and give your opinion on some important events happening around the world and the way citizens are being informed about them. Then, you will evaluate a series of argumentative dialogues in which you will be asked to decide which of the two participants has got more work to do in order to justify that they are correct. Completion of the whole study will take a little less than 25 minutes.

What can you gain in participating?

There is no direct gain in participating, other than the retribution you get through Prolific. You will help us gain insight into how people assess argumentative dialogues.

What are the risks in participating?

There are no direct risks. You will just spend 20 minutes answering questions.

What are your rights in participating?

You are free to accept or not to participate. If you do not accept, it will have no consequences for you. You can stop at any point as well, without any consequences.

What will happen to your data?

All data that we gather are strictly confidential. In fact, there is no way for us to link your data to you.

If you want further information:

Please contact Lauraine Cuany (lauraine.cuany@unifr.ch)

University of Fribourg

I declare:

By clicking on "Next", I accept to voluntarily take part in this study. And I declare that I have been adequately informed of the aims, the advantages and disadvantages of participating.